How it works

Cat sitting near you. Individual vacation care for cats.
3 Steps away to your kitty being spoiled rotten, and a guilt free vacation!


  1. Step 1

    Find and book a trusted cat sitter near you.

    Looking for a cat sitter? Simply enter your Zip code or the name of your area plus the dates you'll need a pet feeding service. Cat in a Flat will then connect you to some lovely cat sitters in your neighborhood.

    Each cat sitter has an individual profile page where you can see their personal cat care experience, reviews, qualifications, criminal record checks, rates, belly-rubbing skills, etc...

    Our online cat sitting service allows you to individually select visiting times of 1 or 2 visits a day or overnight stays.

    Once a cat sitter has confirmed their availability for your pet vacation care, you can go ahead with the booking and online payment.



    Step 2

    Arrange a meet-up with your cat sitter

    Once you have chosen your star local cat sitter you should arrange a meet-up beforehand, this is a great way to check that your 'boss' approves of your choice. You can find out more about booking the perfect pet sitter and contracts here.

    The cat sitter should come to your house to meet your cat, find out their routine, where the food is kept and pick up your keys. All cat sitters are happy to follow your bespoke cat care instructions as long as you make them clear.

    Read more about how a Meet & Greet works here.


    Step 3

    Sit back and relax, your cat is taken care of.

    Once you have confirmed either daily visits, once or twice a day or overnight stays, your pet sitter and their cat caring service are covered by our Cat in a Flat Guarantee for the duration of your booking.

    It's important to us that your cats are safe and healthy so all our cat sitters follow the Code of Conduct. And for extra peace of mind (and because we know you miss them) you'll get a daily photo of your kitty too.

    Our cat sitters offer individual cat feeding services, so you can customize it to you and your kitties own needs.


    The cat sitting service generally includes:

    - Feeding and fresh water

    - Cleaning the cat food bowls

    - Cleaning the litter box

    - Playtime and cuddles

    - Daily updates and photos via text message, e-mail or Whatsapp


    You’re welcome to ask your cat sitter if they’re happy to do some extra services, but please note that some may charge a little extra for these:

    - Mail Postal collection

    - Medication

    - Grooming

    - Ventilation of the apartment

    - Water the room and balcony plants

    - Opening and closing the blinds and curtains

    - Looking after other small pets such as rabbits and hamsters.


    We hope to help you find the best cat sitters near you. Having your cats looked after at home is a great alternative to cat boarding and far less stressful for you and your cat than any cat boarding arrangement.

Cat Sitting Advice - FAQs

Are cats better at home or being boarded?

Every cat is different, and no single solution suits everyone. However, the vast majority of cats would prefer to be cared for in their own home.


Cats don’t like change, they don’t like to travel, and they don’t like sharing space with unfamiliar cats. Cat sitters will pay individual, custom and loving attention to your cat or cats based on their preferences. Therefore, cat sitting is the best solution for most cats, and it’s also more convenient and less expensive for cat owners.

To find out the pros and cons of cat sitting vs cat boarding, read here.

To find out what to look for when choosing a cat sitter, read here.

When should I start looking for a sitter?

Earlier is better when looking for a cat sitter, especially if it’s the first time you’re booking them.

Cat in a Flat recommends allowing at least a few weeks to find a trustworthy cat sitter. At busy times such as around summer and Federal holidays, it’s wise to start looking at least a month before. Always contact several sitters at once as some get fully booked quickly.

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