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Why Cat in a Flat Is the Best Cat Sitting Service for You and Your Cat

May 9 2024.

It can be difficult to leave your beloved kitty in someone else’s care when you’re away. Boarding at a cattery can be bad for cats, and you should always aim to get at-home pet care for your feline. So, what sets Cat in a Flat apart from other cat sitting services, and why should you book with us? Below, we dive into all the wonderful reasons Cat in a Flat is the best cat sitting option for you and your cat! 

Will my cat sitter get along with my cat?

One of the big concerns many paw parents face is whether or not their cat sitter will get along with their furry friend. With Cat in a Flat cat sitting service, you don’t have to worry! All our pet carers have or have had cats in their lives, and they love spending time with felines. They understand the specific care requirements cats need. Our cat sitters also see each fur friend as an individual with unique needs and personalities. They’ll respect your care instructions and look after Mr Whiskers like a member of their own family. 

Are cat sitters trained and vetted? 

Are our cat sitters trained and vetted? Absolutely! Like with cats, every cat sitter has a different personality and range of skills. For example, some might feel comfortable giving your cat medication, while others prefer to take on gigs where this isn’t a requirement. However, not everyone is suited to be a cat sitter. Which is why Cat in a Flat pet sitters are carefully vetted before they can start accepting gigs. And only 20% of applicants pass this sign-up process. 

But we don’t just vet our cat sitters, we set them up for success too. Every Cat in a Flat sitter has access to support materials. They can also join our Facebook group to learn and share tips and tricks with other cat sitting experts. 

Customized care for your cat

As mentioned above, Cat in a Flat sitters understand that each kitty is unique. Hence, your cat sitter will be able to provide customized care for your furry friend. When you book a cat sitter, set aside time for an initial Meet and Greet. You’ll be able to meet your pet carer, see if they get along with Mr Whiskers, and detail the care your furry friend needs. Be sure to include details about your kitty’s feeding schedule, medical needs, and anything else you feel is important for your sitter to know. 

Great cat sitters give you peace of mind

You don’t want to be constantly worrying about your kitty while you’re away. Hiring a cat sitter from Cat in a Flat will give you the peace of mind you need. You’ll be able to enjoy your trip knowing your fur friend is in the capable hands of a loving professional. Our cat sitters will prioritize your kitty’s well-being and provide you with updates too! Have a chat with your sitter beforehand and let them know how you’d like to be updated. They’ll be more than happy to send you daily photo so you can see your kitty is content and healthy in your absence. 

Can I trust my cat sitter?

Can you trust your cat sitter? Cat in a Flat is an established cat sitting service that has built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. This is backed by reviews and testimonials on platforms like Trustpilot! When looking for a cat sitter, you can also browse reviews on each sitter’s individual page on the Cat in a Flat website. These will help you find a trustworthy cat sitter who’s the perfect match for your feline. 

Emergency protocols for your cat sitter

Emergencies can happen to even the most responsible pet sitter. Which is why we have protocols in place to help cat sitters if any emergency should arise. We provide forms you can fill out with your kitty’s medical and vet information so that your cat sitter has it on hand if anything goes wrong while you’re away.  

Any reputable pet care service will also provide some type of guarantee that protects both the client and the sitter in case of an emergency. At Cat in a Flat, we take this one step further by optimizing our guarantee and coverage to help protect our sitters and their cat clients.

Is hiring a cat sitter more convenient? 

Is hiring a cat sitter more convenient than boarding your cat? Cats hate change, which is why it’s always better have your kitty receive at-home cat care. Cat in a Flat offers convenient booking options, flexible scheduling, and ease of communication with potential sitters. This makes booking at-home cat care for your furry friend hassle-free! 

In addition, we make sure that our payment platform is transparent and easy to use. Pet sitting services like Cat in a Flat use Stripe or PayPal and monitor your payment closely in case of last-minutes changes or cancellations. This way sitters don’t have to worry about not getting paid, and paw parents only pay once the gig has started. 

Our convenient booking system also makes it easy to see what additional services cat sitters can offer and if there are extra fees involved. Does your cat need medication? Daily grooming for your long-haired feline? Or need your plants watered while you’re away? On our platform you can easily check which pet sitters can provide these additional services.

Support and communication with your cat sitting service

Even though the exchange of cat sitting services is happening between the sitter and the pet owner, the Cat in a Flat platform is available for any additional support. We ensure optimal quality control within the community and provide an added safety net by being on hand to answer questions. Not only can we provide updates and communication about the well-being of your cat, but we offer useful tips on general cat care and behavior through our informative newsletter and blog

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