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What Does a Cat Sitter Do?

Jan 27 2023.

Whether you have last minute travel plans or need help with daily cat care, you’ve probably considered hiring someone to look after your kitty. But what does a cat sitter do? Below, Cat in a Flat explains cat sitting and what services cat sitters offer.

What is a cat sitter?

Cat sitter is a word of English origin and is often also written as cat-sitter or catsitter. It stems from the verb cat sit, which means to: ‘look after a cat or cats while their owner is away’. Basically, a cat sitter is someone who will come into the home to take care of a cat when their owner is away for travel or other reasons.

What do cat sitters do?

When a cat sitter comes into your home, they will perform a variety of tasks. These include feeding, playing, and grooming your cat as well as cleaning your kitty’s litter box daily. There are cat sitters who will also offer specialized care, such as giving your cat medication.

In addition, a cat sitter can keep an eye on your home while you’re away, and perform other tasks such as water plants, collect your mail, and tidy up. These cat sitting services can vary from sitter to sitter.

Cat sitter vs. Pet sitter

Is a cat sitter the same as a pet sitter? Not necessarily. A cat sitter specializes in looking after cats, while a pet sitter can take care of other types of animals such as fish, rabbits, or birds, too. 

At Cat in a Flat, we offer top tier cat sitting services for all types and breeds of cats. Check out our site to meet the many stellar cat sitters in your area. 

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