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Ten Reasons to Hire a Cat Sitter

Jan 27 2023.

Cat care is a crucial part of planning a trip away. You need to think carefully about what Mr Whiskers will need while you’re on vacation. Cat in a Flat has put together a list of why we believe a cat sitter could be the best solution to your cat care. Have a look at our break down of the top ten reasons to hire a cat sitter to see if it’s right for you.

1. Hiring a cat sitter is easier than asking a friend or neighbor 

When planning a trip, you might immediately think of asking someone you know to care for your cat. It’s free and has the benefit of leaving kitty in the hands of someone familiar who you can trust. However, it can be awkward asking a favor of a friend or neighbor. Besides, that person might not even particularly like cats and be willing to go the extra mile to keep your kitty happy. Booking a cat sitter is a professional and paid for agreement on the level of care your kitty will receive. You don’t need to ask anyone for a favor, and you can rely on your cat getting the attention they need.

Hiring a cat sitter guarantees love and affection for your kitty

2. A cat sitter is cheaper and less stressful than a cattery  

Another popular care solution for cat owners planning a trip is to place their kitty in a boarding facility or cattery. These solutions have the advantage of giving cats 24-hour professional care. However, catteries are a lot more expensive than hiring a sitter. Especially as in-home cat carers charge per household, not per cat. Boarding facilities often have strict drop-off and pick up times, which could add stress to holiday planning. Many cats also find living in an unfamiliar space with other kitties overwhelmingly stressful. 

3. All cat sitters love cats

There are many reasons to become a cat sitter, but the main one is that sitters just love kitties. Sitters want to spend time with other people’s cats, to play with and cuddle them. Many cat sitters can’t have a furry friend of their own, so look after other people’s cats to get some kitty attention. A very good reason to hire a cat sitter is that you can count on your kitty getting enough love while you are away. Meaning you will return to a relaxed and happy furry friend. 

4. Meet and greet the cat sitter before you go away

Part of a cat sitting agreement should be to arrange a meet and greet before the owner leaves on holiday. Sitters and their cat clients should be familiar with one another before the care period takes place. Plus, owners can give cat carers a full brief on their cat’s routine, likes and dislikes, and can introduce them to their homes. A formal, professional arrangement gives both parties the chance to make sure a meeting happens and that everyone is clear on their responsibilities.

Sitters will keep to your cat’s existing feeding routine

5. Cats don’t like change

The best way to keep your cat calm while you’re away is to keep as much as possible the same. Cats are territorial and creatures of habit, they don’t like change in their day-to-day routine or their environment. One of the reasons to hire a sitter is that your cat can stay in the comforts of its own home. Sitters should also keep as much of your cat’s day-to-day life consistent; including mealtimes, playtimes and litter box habits — anything to keep your kitty happy and relaxed. 

6. Search for cat sitters local to you 

In our experience, most cat owners prefer a local sitter, and it’s easier to find and book one via a cat-sitting platform. By booking local sitters, you can build up relationships with regulars your cat loves. Repeat bookings are more straightforward for you, less stressful for your cat and better for your sitter. A local sitter will naturally know your area well, find it easier to stick to a routine if they can pop round and will be closer at hand in case of emergency. 

7. Cat sitters provide a tailored cat sitting service 

Many cats need more than a twice-daily feeding. Some kitties might need overnight care, especially elderly or needy cats, kittens, or those with health problems. Other cats will need an experienced carer to administer medicine. Homeowners might prefer an overnight sitter to make properties look more lived in and less tempting to burglars. Owners can also ask sitters to pick up post, water plants or help on other tasks around the house. Most cat sitters offer a bespoke, flexible service and would be delighted to discuss requirements with their clients. 

One of the reasons to hire a cat sitter is that they will take the time to play with your kitty
Cat sitters will take the time to play with your kitty

8. Cat sitters agree to go the extra mile in caring for your kitty

Looking after our furry friends is about so much more than food and litter boxes. Along with a consistent routine, cats need love, attention and stimulation. Cat sitters will do so much more than the basics. Each visit should include around 30-40 minutes of cuddle and playtime to keep your cat from feeling bored or lonely. Owners should brief their sitters on their kitty’s favorite toys and treats to keep cats happy while they’re away. 

9. You can look forward to daily updates of your cat

Being away from a beloved pet is hard when you can’t jump on the phone and speak to them. A good reason to hire a cat sitter is to look forward to daily updates on what your kitty is doing. Sitters should send owners photographs and messages with each visit. It’s fun and reassuring knowing your cat is just as fluffy, or loopy, as ever! 

10. Cat sitters are reviewed and vetted

A professional cat sitting service such as Cat in a Flat makes sure that all of our sitters are vetted and address checked. Cat sitters are also fall under the Cat in a Flat Guarantee to make sure your cat is covered if there is an emergency. We also encourage our customers to leave reviews for their sitters that you can read ahead of booking. It ensures peace of mind that you are providing your furry friend with the best and safest care possible. 

Now, if you’ve made up your mind about booking a sitter, read Cat in a Flat’s guide on how to prepare for your cat’s care before going away. 

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