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How to Prepare Your Cat Sitter to Administer Medication to Your Cat

Apr 20 2024.

If you have a cat with specific health requirements, you may feel nervous about leaving them in someone else’s care. Whether your cat has diabetesfood allergies, or some other ailment, their medication intake is a very serious thing. But as long as you clearly explain to your cat sitter how to give medication to your cat, Mr Whiskers will be in good hands! Not sure what to tell your cat sitter when explaining your kitty’s medical needs? Below, Cat in a Flat provides a step-by-step rundown of how to manage your kitty’s medication whenever you’re away. 

Will my cat sitter be able to give my cat medication? 

Can your cat sitter give your cat medication? Cat sitters do so much more than just feed, play with, and clean up after your kitty. They can provide plant care, bring in your mail, and do other tasks to make your home look occupied in your absence. And, yes, they can give your cat medication too!  

You can find many trustworthy cat sitters on Cat in a Flat who have experience giving medication to felines. However, keep in mind that not everyone will feel comfortable administering meds. Before you book any pet sitter, make sure to check first that this is something they can do. 

How to prepare your sitter to give meds to your cat

Fill out a medical form

When you book a cat sitter through Cat in a Flat, you will be provided with a medical form for your feline. Make sure you take time to fill this out in detail, so that your potential cat sitter has all the information they need! This form will also help you to remember what to share with your sitter. 

Remember ml (milligrams) vs. dl (deciliters)

There’s nothing scarier than administering the wrong amount of medication to your furry friend. Make sure you’re clear on which unit of measurement your kitty needs so you can explain it to your cat sitter. If you have any doubts, call Mr Whiskers’ vet to double check. 

Show your cat sitter how to administer medication

The best way to instruct your sitter on giving medication to your cat is by showing them in person. Try to organize a meet and greet several days before you leave. This will give you the chance to walk your cat sitter through how to feed your kittyclean their litter boxes, and their usual daily routine. You should also set aside time to show your sitter how to administer medication. If possible, instruct them, then watch while they do it. 

Write all instructions down in detail

Even if you show your cat sitter how to administer medication, it never hurts to write everything down. Provide detailed instructions of everything related to Mr Whiskers’ medical needs. This should include types of medication, dosages, and times and methods of administration. Also make sure to include emergency numbers for your vet and a local friend or family member who can help out if something goes wrong. 

Create a medical log

If your kitty needs to take medication at certain times of the day, be very insistent with your cat sitter about sticking to a schedule. Create a medication log where your sitter can fill in the exact times they administer the medication. Ask them to send you a photo of the log immediately after they fill it in each day. And don’t forget to ask your sitter to send daily photo updates of your furry friend too! 

What if my cat sitter has trouble giving medication? 

What should I do if my cat sitter has trouble administering meds?  Cats have a mind of their own, and it can sometimes be a struggle to get them to take medicine. Your fur friend may be more anxious or withdrawn when you’re away, especially if they’re not used to their new cat sitter yet. So, before leaving town, start prepping your cat so that they have a positive association with taking medication. And make sure you set your sitter up with a few different ways to administer meds—just in case they have trouble while you’re gone. 

  • Play with your cat before and after: Get Mr Whiskers used to playtime before and after taking medication. Not only is playing with your cat healthy for them, it also helps build rapport so that your kitty doesn’t see taking meds as a purely negative experience. Of course, make sure you instruct your pet sitter to do the same! 
  • Hide pills in wet food, treats, or pill pockets: Sometimes it’s necessary to trick your feline—but it’s for their own good! Test out placing pills in your kitty’s wet food, treats, or tasty pill pockets to see what’s the best way to get them to take their meds. 
  • Try a kitty burrito: If your cat becomes aggressive when you’re administering medication, you may need to use the kitty burrito technique. This is a gentle way to restrain a feline by wrapping them in a blanket or towel. Show your cat sitter how to do this and make sure they’re comfortable with the approach. If they need help, allow them to bring a friend along to assist. Just keep in mind you may need to pay an added fee. 
  • Reward your cat after: Regardless of your approach, always reward your kitty after giving them medication. Cuddles, treats, and extra playtime are all great ways to make your fur friend feel appreciated. 
  • Be patient with your cat sitter: Even the most experienced pet sitter can make a mistake. Remember that this never happens with bad intent, so try to be patient. All our cat sitters love cats and want the best for their kitty clients—otherwise they wouldn’t do this job! As long as you’re very clear and provide your sitter with all the information they need, your feline is sure to receive the best possible care! 

Looking for more cat care tips? Check out our blog posts about potentially fatal mistakes cat owners can make and how to best manage your fur friend’s separation anxiety when you’re away.  

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