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Lumpy or Non-lumpy? How to Clean the Cat Litter

Jan 26 2023.

There’s litter-ally an art to choosing the type of litter that suits you and your kitty best. Here’s Cat in a Flat’s guide to make sure you get it right for Mr Whiskers. To keep it simple, there are two main types of litter, lumpy or non-lumpy. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each, and learn more about how to clean the cat litter.

Pros and cons of lumpy cat litter

There are many benefits to lumpy sand. This cat litter is super easy to clean. The poo goes straight into the toilet, and the lumps go into the bin. (Sitter alert! Never put the sand in the toilet as it creates blockages. That would be paw-ful!) Because the lumps are taken out, it’s easier to see that the sand level is going down and when to re-fill it it. The main con is that if you don’t take the lumps out, then the cat will stop using the box. No dirty boxes, please, otherwise they find somewhere else to go.

Pro-tip: Although clumping litter doesn’t need to be cleaned as regularly, the litter box should still be emptied, cleaned, and re-filled every two to three weeks. Check with your owner about where they are in their litter box cycle.

Pros and cons of non-lumpy litter

Again, this cat litter is super easy to clean. Because it does not lump, only the poo goes straight into the toilet. Then give the box a shake to mix the litter up, and you’re done. However, as the cat’s urine is soaked up and the scent masked, it can be harder to judge when to replace the grain. Our top sitters recommend that you always give the box a shuffle, then smell it to check if it needs a replacement. Sometimes you’ll see urine gathering in the bottom of the box. In this case, it’s definitely time to make that change. Depending on the owner’s instructions and the size of the cat, the litter will typically have to be replaced every one or two weeks.

You can read more about the pros and cons here.

Tip – If your litter box can’t be in the bathroom, consider using a Litter Locker, they’re great for quick and easy poop removal and very good at keeping the smells in.

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Cat owners & sitters please note: A clean, well maintained litter box is very important for a happy, healthy kitty. Cat owners please be very clear with your instructions (don’t assume the cat sitter knows your cleaning routine), and make sure you have plenty of litter so it doesn’t run out while you’re away. Sitters, please follow the owner’s requests very carefully and ask questions if you’re unsure.

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