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How to Keep Your Cat Safe During Fireworks

Nov 7 2022.

Fireworks may be fun for us, but they are not for most cats. As you make plans to go out and enjoy the show, please ensure that your kitty is kept safely at home. 

Firework season generally starts from July to early September and again for the New Year’s Eve celebrations of course.

Cat in a Flat looks at a few tips to make sure your cat feels safe and secure:

During the fireworks, keep your cat indoors at nighttime

The unpredictable loud bangs can scare your cats while outdoors, this may cause them to run away and get lost. Your fur baby may not be happy with you, but keeping him safely indoors during the evening is your best option.

  • Lock your cat inside as soon as it starts getting dark
  • Provide a litter tray
  • Play with your cat so they don’t miss out on their daily exercise
  • Make sure your home is escape proof and your cat flap is locked

Create a safe hiding place for your cat

If your cat has a favorite place to sleep or hide, make sure this area is ready for your kitties night in. You can place their favorite toys or treats there for extra comfort. 

If you would like to make your cat a cozy safe place, then a covered box with a hole for them to get into it works best. Add a blanket or maybe an old sweater so they are comforted by your scent. Cats feel safest in high places, so the higher you can but the box the better.

Close windows and curtains before the fireworks begin

If possible, try and keep your cat away from the windows and close your blinds. The flashing lights can be just as scary as the sounds. A closed window will also prevent your cat from trying to escape.

Distract your cat with sounds

Keeping the TV or radio on will help reduce the impact of the sudden loud bangs.

Avoid picking your cat up

A distressed cat can become very aggressive, so it’s always best to leave your cat alone. Unlike humans they do not find a cuddle comforting and would prefer to stay hidden in their favorite hiding place.

During the fireworks, it’s always best to just act normal, if your cat senses that you’re not affected by them, then this may reduce their anxiety too.

Buy your cat some treats

Give your kitty some of his favorite treats during the fireworks. This may help your cat associate the bangs with a more positive taste.

If your furry friend is really scared, you can buy them some calming products such as a Feliway Diffuser.

Make sure your cat’s microchip is up to date

If Mr Whiskers does manage to escape, you want to make sure he is easily identified when found.

Offering a Cat Sitting Service

If you are a cat sitter caring for someone else’s cat, please do speak to the cat owner about the above-mentioned points.

  • Discuss cat feeding times – you may need to do your evening visits a little earlier to make sure the cat is safely indoors
  • House cat sitting – if their cat gets particularly scared they may want to consider an overnight stay.
  • Emergency contacts – should the cat flee during the loud bangs, it would be good to know who to contact in the cat owners absence.

Have fun and remember to keep the kitties safe!

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