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Cat Sitting Qs: Important Questions a Cat Sitter Should Ask Cat Owners

Jun 30 2023.

Part of being a great cat sitter is knowing what questions to ask cat owners the first time you meet them. You are going to be looking after their treasured furry family members, so effective communication is key. Not sure what cat sitting questions to ask? Cat in a Flat is here to help your cat sitting gig go smoothly with key questions every cat sitter should ask when meeting cat owners. 

What information do cat sitters need from cat owners?

Basic information about the cat

What basic information about a cat are important to ask as a sitter? First things first, you’ll need to know your furry friend’s basic information. This includes their name, breed, and age. This will help you to develop a personal relationship with the kitty and make it easier to determine what type of care they may need. For example, if your new client is a kitten or young cat, they may need more daily playtime to expel extra energy. If they’re older, there could be specific health issues you need to pay attention to. Be sure to ask if your new kitty client is neutered or not, as this will also affect their behavior and needs. 

Medical history of the cat

While it’s important as a cat sitter to know basic feline first-aid so you’re prepared for an emergency, you should also know each individual kitty’s medical history. Cat sitters should remember to ask cat owners if their felines are currently on medication or a specialized diet. Ask your client’s paw parents to walk you through the proper dosages and how to give the cat the medication. Are there any past illnesses or injuries you need to know about? And don’t forget to request emergency phone numbers from your fur friend’s owners. These should include the kitty’s vet and a local friend or family member who can step in if something goes wrong. 


How do I feed the cat? 

Diet is an important part of Mr Whiskers overall well-being. And no two furry clients are the same. Hence, when meeting a cat owner for the first time cat sitters should ask about their kitty’s specific dietary needs. What type of food does the feline eat (dry, wet, raw)? What is their daily feeding routine like? How much do they eat? Some paw parents may prefer that you feed their kitty at the same time every day, while others may be more flexible. And be sure to ask about dietary restrictions such as any food allergies your new furry friend may have. 

Ask about the cat’s daily routine

Like we mentioned above, every kitty client will be different and you’ll need to tailor your approach to each furry friend’s specific needs. Cat sitters should ask cat owners plenty of questions about their kitty’s daily routines. Felines love routine, and sticking to a routine is one way to help reduce stress when their paw parents are away from home. So, make sure you understand where the kitty’s food and water bowls are. Ask about cleaning and disposal of litter as this can vary depending on what type of litter and litter boxes the cat owners have. When is Mr Whiskers most active and playful? Are there any unusual behaviors you should watch for (such as protest pissing outside the litter box)? Does the cat have any specific grooming requirements? Don’t be shy about asking as many questions as you need.

15 most important questions a cat sitter should ask

If this all seems a bit hard to keep track of, don’t worry. Here is a checklist of the 15 most important questions a cat sitter should ask. Take these with you the next time you’re meeting a client for the first time! 

1. What is the cat’s name, age and breed?

2. How long have you had the cat (and did you purchase or adopt)? 

3. Is the cat spayed/neutered?

4. Is the cat currently on medication or do they need special treatment? 

5. Has the cat suffered from serious illnesses or injuries in the past? 

6. What type of food does the cat eat (wet, dry, raw)? 

7. How often and how much food does the cat get?

8. Do you have any dietary restrictions or preferences?

9. What are the cat’s daily routines?

10. When is the preferred feeding time?

11. Where are the food and water bowls?

12. How should I clean/dispose of the cat litter?

13. Is the cat more playful and active or the cuddly and cozy type?

14. Is the cat showing unusual behaviors that I need to look out for?

15. Does the cat have special grooming needs or sensitivities?

A great introductory session is important so you know the best way to approach cat sitting a new client. Be sure to start off on the right paw when meeting a cat for the first time, and ask their owners plenty of questions. The more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to provide the comprehensive and loving care Mr Whiskers needs!

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