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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Jan 26 2023.

Cats love to play! They have an instinct to explore, climb, hunt, and interact. Hence, staying inside all day can get rather dull. So Cat in a Flat has put together some innovative ways to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy and stimulate it’s environment in order to stay active physically and mentally.

Keep your indoor cat happy with Modular Cat Furniture

Catastrophic Creations is one of our favorites; their playhouses are good for cats and looks so darn cute in our homes! Their wall mountable lounges, ledges, and bridges come in a variety of cool themes and are made from sustainable bamboo. There are places to hide, snooze, and lounge on-top of, imperiously surveying the world. You can also add in a scratching post, providing much-loved kitty manicures.

Or if you’re looking to blend your kitties climbing tree in with your furniture then have a look at Katris, the creator of modular furniture for humans and cats. Cat tree, climbing tower, coffee table, bookshelf all in one – what’s not to love? Your indoor furball will be a happy and healthy cat with one of these!

“Get creative and entertain your cat in style!”

Interactive Cat Toys

This ingenious toy box from SmartCat is perfect for little hunters! The toy box lets cats ‘capture’ their toys by fishing them out of the holes. You can customize it with your own choice of toys. And every now and then, pop a little kitty treat into the holes. Yum!

“Give your cat a new surprise everyday”

smart cat toy

If you love a bit of technology and you can’t bear the thought of not checking in on your fur baby, then look no further than PetCube – an interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to, and play with your pet when you’re not at home.

“Play laser games with your furry friend even when you’re not at home”

pet cube toy

If you want to know what your cat is really thinking about the new toys, our cat behavior specialist Anita Kelsey has the answers.

And in our blog about young kittens, you might find some more immediate  ideas to keep your indoor kitty happy and healthy.

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