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How to Judge a Good Cat Sitter

Sep 21 2023.

It’s natural to feel anxious about your kitty’s care whenever you go away. Finding a good cat sitter for your feline is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of planning any trip! You and the ‘boss’ will want to find the purr-fect caregiver. Below, Cat in a Flat explains everything you need to know about cat sitting and finding a great cat sitter.

What is cat sitting?

A cat sitter is someone you pay to come look after your kitty while you’re away. Our furry friends don’t like change—hence why moving home or traveling with your cat can be stressful. At-home holiday cat care is always the better option over boarding your kitty or leaving Mr Whiskers at a cat day care. A pet sitter will come into your home for daily 20-40 minute visits and do the following:

A good cat sitter can also offer bespoke services such as watering your plants or giving your kitty medication if needed. Each person is different, so be sure to chat with your cat caregiver beforehand to see what other services they can provide!

How to choose a good cat sitter

What’s the best way to choose a good cat sitter? First and foremost, you want to make sure your cat and their caregiver get along. We always recommend that you meet the cat sitter before you go away. That way, you, your furry friend and the sitter all get to know each other and you can see how your feline gets along with their new human friend! During the introductory visit, watch how the cat sitter interacts with your kitty. First impressions are important. If your feline seems relaxed and at ease, this is a good sign. Bear in mind that if your cat is shy, he may need some time to trust this new face. There are a few key ways to tell if your cat likes their cat sitter (and vice versa), even if you have a shy feline.

A good cat sitter will also ask the right questions, collecting that vital cat care information as part of the cat sitter process. They will want to know about feeding, the litter tray, and about your furry friend too – where he likes to hide, how he likes to be played with. Much more personal than a cattery! As an owner, have the important information listed on your profile page or ready to share on the visit. If you have any other requests such as collecting mail, or watering plants, a good sitter will happily help with these too.

When joining our community you will find lots of great tips for owners and cat sitters in the Forms & Tips section of your profile.

We encourage all our sitters to send daily updates. Each owner will have a personal preference on frequency. If you feel the updates are not as often as you’d like, please let the sitter know. Being assured that your fur baby is well is the most important thing so you can relax while away.

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