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How to Give Your Cat Medication

Jan 26 2023.

Whether you’re a cat owner or cat sitter with Cat in a Flat, knowing how to give medication to cats is invaluable when looking after a poorly kitty. Like a spoonful of sugar, here are our cat care tips for helping the medicine go down.

Giving a Pill to a Cat

When giving pill medication to a cat, crunch the pills and mix with wet food. If your cat only has dry food, soak the food in water, then mix the ground pills into the mush. Or hide it in a tasty treat such as these pill pockets.

If you have a clever kitty who knows how to avoid that pill at all costs you may find yourself having to administer it by hand. International Cat Care has some great tips.

Food Syringe or Ointments for Cats

When you have to give medication to a cat that comes as an ointment, or a liquid to be applied through a food syringe, there can be lots of squirming! It is important your kitty feels relaxed so it co-operates with you. Knowing how to towel wrap your cat is a big help – Mr Whiskers feels comfortably cocooned, and you are saved from scratches.

Here’s how to do it. Find a quiet place to sit comfortably, at a time of day when your cat is most calm. Once you’ve towel wrapped the cat, make sure you hold them securely under one arm with all their paws tucked away while holding her chest in your palm. It’s as if you’ve swaddled a baby. Use the other hand to apply the ointment or food syringe. Talk to your cat in a soothing voice. After you’ve applied the ointment, release them from the towel slowly while stroking and praising them for their bravery.

Syringe feed a cat

You can find out more about how to apply a towel for a cat, here.

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