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How to Look After Your Cat Sitting Client?

Jan 28 2023.

With it’s perks of cuddles and purrs, being a cat minder for a beloved cat is a job we cat lovers adore. Whether you are a friend who loves cats, a family member, or one of our cat sitting community, you’re providing a wonderful alternative to cat boarding. Take a look at our tips for looking after your cat clients so that the fluffy ones in your care have the pawsome experience they deserve.

Before your booking make sure you’ve read through all the forms and checklists in the Forms & Tips section of your Dashboard.

01 Follow the cat owner’s instructions

First things first, get some yummy food in the bowl. Follow the owner’s instructions but the general rule is that fresh wet food should be replaced at least twice daily and dry food at least once daily.

02 Always supply fresh water for the cat

When looking after your cat client, make sure you top up their water dishes daily. These are usually best placed away from their food, as on the whole, cats prefer not to drink and eat in the same place. And, because cats can’t tolerate the lactose in cow’s milk, make sure that it’s only fresh water they’re drinking.

03 Keep the litter box and area clean

Then onto the litter box. Our furry friends are clean creatures, and don’t like pooping in dirty boxes. Looking after your cat client involves making sure the litter box is scooped at least once or twice a day. For longer bookings, clean the box once a week with a cat safe disinfectant.

When taking the litter to the bin outside, always make sure you have the house keys on you – you don’t want to lock yourself out!

04 Play or cuddle time with the cat

Playing. Keep the kitty happy with some playtime. Ask the owner to leave a few toys or bring your own. LED lights and mice on a string are a favorite. As well as exercise (vital for indoor cats), playing creates a wonderful bond with your newest furry friends.

Cuddles. Cuddles are the best part of looking after a cat client! But remember, the cat decides when it wants a hug. As much as we all love a cuddle from a cat, the best cuddles are the ones that come with patience…

Grooming. Check with the owner, but typically long-haired cats will need to be brushed daily and short-haired cats groomed once a week. Remember to brush first, then comb. Start with a wide-toothed comb detangling matted hair. Then work front to back in small sections using a wire brush to remove dead hair.

Outdoor & Indoor Cats. Indoor cats need play time to keep them mentally stimulated. Outdoor cats may not be there when you visit. If looking after an outdoor cat client, check that food and water have gone down. If you are still unsure that the cat has been there, leave out a tasty treat and see if that’s gone on your next visit. You can read more about how to find “Mr Whiskers” here.

The Kitties Owners. It’s important to always keep the owner updated. Let them know what you and your new furry friend are getting up to by sending daily photo updates and videos. Even if kitty is out when you’ve come to visit, please let the owner know. You want the owner to know that they’ve left their kitty in the safe hands of a star sitter …. a 5 star sitter 😉

To be awesome and stay awesome please always follow our Code of Conduct  

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