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How Cats Express Their Love for You!

Jan 28 2023.

The Human-Cat Bond

It is often said that dogs are mans’ best friend but the bond between a cat and their human is uniquely special. Cats are more subtle in the ways they display affection. Whilst it’s true that they are much more independent creatures, it makes it all the more special when cats express their love for their cat owners. Cat in a Flat explores the ways in which cats show their love for you.

Here are some of the ways your cat is demonstrating their love for you.

The obvious signs your cat loves you

  •  Loud purring is usually a sign of happiness and contentment!
  •  ‘Head bumping’. That’s right, a friendly head rub against your leg or face is your cat’s way of communicating affection. This also forms a really important part of their scenting behavior and by doing this to you; they are actually marking you as one of their best people!
  •  A tail that curls around your arm or leg is a sign of affection and cats will only do this to humans around whom they are extra relaxed and comfortable.
  •  A cat nap on your lap! Felines rarely like to let their guard down so sleeping on you is a sign of complete trust.
  • Following you around and seeking out your company. This is usually a sign that your cat wants attention or affection. (Or in some cases food!)
  • A slow blink, also known as the ‘kitty kiss of love’! If your cat is gazing at you and gives you a slow blink this means they are completely at ease around you.  Kind of like a trusting kiss!

The not so obvious, hidden signs of a cat’s affection

  • Hunting gifts! Oh yes, those dreaded thumps on the doormat and your cat calling out a hunting victory are actually a sign of deep affection and respect. Your cat bringing you those gifts and wanting to share their victory is their way of confirming “you are my family” and that they are completely comfortable sharing their spoils with you.
  • Little nibbles! A little playful nibble or soft bite is a sign of affection, and this may extend to grooming your hair or licking your ears or hands. Cats will only ever groom or soft bite those they consider to be completely within their feline family.
  • Showing you the tummy! Exposing their bellies actually renders them vulnerable so they will only do this to people that they completely trust
cat sitter

Ps. Cats have been known to show lots of affection towards their favorite cat sitters too! Hopefully their cat mums won’t get too jealous 🙂

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