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5 Reasons Why Hiring a Cat Sitter Over Thanksgiving Is a Great Idea

Oct 20 2023.

If you’re making big travel plans for Thanksgiving, undoubtably one of your top concerns is what to do with your kitty during the time you’re away. Should you leave them with a friend? Board your cat at a cattery? Or take them along with you on your journey? Most cats are averse to change, so traveling anywhere (even to a friend’s house) can be stressful. Which is why the best option is to hire a cat sitter over Thanksgiving so that your kitty can receive pet care at home. Below, Cat in a Flat shows you all the beneficial reasons why at-home cat care is the best choice for Mr Whiskers during the holidays.

1. Hiring a cat sitter can relieve Thanksgiving travel stress

Every cat parent knows how stressful traveling with a feline can be. Just coaxing your kitty into a carrier for their annual vet visit can sometimes feel like a special ops mission that involves weeks of pre-planning. The holidays are already one of the most stressful times of year to travel. Why add to the stress by trying to travel with your kitty—even if it’s to a local cattery? Hiring a cat sitter over Thanksgiving means you can leave your furry friend comfortably at home and make your own travel plans a little less stressful too. You’ll be able to relax during Thanksgiving knowing that Mr Whiskers is in the capable hands of a trustworthy cat sitter

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2. A cat sitter can maintain your cat’s routine

Cats LOVE routine. It’s one of the most endearing things about our furry friends! A cat sitter can maintain your kitty’s routine while you’re away for Thanksgiving. During the initial free meet and greet, walk your pet sitter through your feline’s usual routine. This includes the best times to feed your cat, times of day when your kitty is most active, and optimal timings for pop-in visits. Ask your cat sitter to try to stick to the same time every day. This will help your furry friend feel like they still have a routine, even when you’re away. 

3. A cat sitter can provide specialized care

Can a cat sitter provide specialized care? Our Cat in a Flat sitters know that each kitty client is unique. Hence, your cat sitter will be more than happy to tailor their care to your cat’s specialized needs. So, if your cat is on a special diet, needs daily medication, or has some other requirement, you can ask your sitter to help. Keep in mind that not all sitters have the same experience or feel comfortable with tasks like administering meds. Always check before booking (and during the meet and greet) to make sure your cat sitter is able and willing to fulfill your kitty’s requirements. 

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4. At-home cat care provides extra security

It’s not uncommon to stress about leaving your home empty during the holidays. Hiring a cat sitter over Thanksgiving can provide an added element of home security. They can collect your mail, open and close your blinds or curtains, and in general make your home look occupied. Some pet sitters will even do additional tasks like water your plants while you’re away. Just check beforehand to make sure this is a service your sitter offers! 

5. Hire a cat sitter during Thanksgiving for peace of mind

Why can’t I leave my cat on their own for a few days? While cats are independent creatures, it’s never a good idea to leave them alone—even if it’s just for a few days over Thanksgiving. It can be dangerous to leave your kitty home alone for long periods of time. A bored or lonely feline will get into a lot of trouble on their own and you don’t want to come home to an injured or sick cat. Hiring a cat sitter over Thanksgiving to come in an spend time with your cat is the best way to ensure Mr Whiskers stays safe and happy during the holidays. Not only will your cat sitter feed your cat and clean out the litter box, but they’ll spend quality time playing and cuddling your feline too. Mr Whiskers will still miss you, but with a great cat sitter they’ll miss you just a little less. 

BUT don’t leave booking a cat sitter until the last minute!

Cat sitters get booked out fast during the holidays, so it’s best to start planning for Thanksgiving now. This way you’ll be able to take your time shortlisting a few sitters and finding the right match for you and Mr Whiskers! Before hiring a cat sitter for Thanksgiving, make sure you narrow down your options to 2-3 sitters. Then invite each one over for a meet and greet so you can see how they interact with your kitty

It’s important your kitty feels comfortable around their sitter. This way Mr Whiskers will be less stressed when you’re away. So, don’t rush the process and feel free to ask plenty of questions! Hiring the right cat sitter over Thanksgiving will ensure that both you and your feline have a relaxed holiday season. 

Still feeling nervous about hiring a cat sitter over Thanksgiving? Check out our helpful blog posts on the best ways to prepare for your cat sitter and how to choose between overnight or pop-in cat sitting services. 

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