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What to Do if the Cat Goes Missing

Jan 26 2023.

Having your furry friend going missing is every cat lover’s worst nightmare 🙁 It can be very upsetting and worrying, but you can improve your chances of finding them.

Here are some tips on what to do if the cat has gone missing:

  • Make sure you have checked absolutely everywhere in the home. Check your washing machine and all the cozy places such as under beds and wardrobes. Kitties are so good at hiding and can sometimes appear from ‘nowhere’.
  • If you have an outdoor space, check the bushes and shrubs, calling out your cat’s name. When your cat was last spooked where did they go? Perhaps they have hidden there again.
  • Is there a window you can leave open in case she wants to come back in? (Cat-sitters check with the owner first to make sure it’s safe to do so.) If there is no way you can leave the window open, maybe you can set up a cardboard box with an old blanket or shirt so not only will she have somewhere to keep warm she will also recognize your familiar smell.
  • Tell your neighbors in case they see your cat while you’re not there. Also let the microchip people know, and if you’re a cat-sitter, make sure the owner knows. You can also report it on the Animal Search website. 
  • Social media can be helpful for publicizing your missing kitty. CatRadar allows you to post a search so other people in your area know to keep a look out for your kitty. When you post a missing pet alert on PawBoost, they’ll help reunite you with your fur friend by alerting people in your area through the relevant Facebook pages. On Twitter, tweet your missing cat message along with your location. The more people who know, the more quickly you and your cat can be reunited.
  • Some cats are really timid and hide from strangers. So patience might be required. This article shares a few tips how to get a shy cat out of their hiding place.

If you are a cat sitter, contact the owner immediately. They sometimes know where their cat is hiding and you might worry for no reason. Remember, it is not your fault when a cat decides to hide or wonders off as long as you have been following the owners instructions.

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