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Find Trustworthy Cat Sitters in Boston or New York

Nov 22 2022.

Whether you’re taking a planned holiday or a last-minute trip, finding trustworthy cat sitters in Boston or New York is probably one of your biggest concerns. Well, if you live in one of these areas, we have some good news: Cat in a Flat, Europe’s biggest cat sitting community, is making the leap across the pond! 

Cat in a Flat launched in 2015, and since then has successfully established a strong community of cat lovers across Europe. With an easy-to-use booking system and stellar customer service team, Cat in a Flat ensures that finding trustworthy local cat sitters is a seamless experience. Not sure how cat sitting works? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Cat in a Flat’s new launch in Boston and New York. 

Should I board my cat? 

Boarding your cat at a local Boston or New York cattery may seem like a good option while you’re away. However, not only can cats be extremely territorial, but many kitties will find even the most minor disruption in their routine to be anxiety-inducing. An unfamiliar environment away from their favorite human can be stressful for Mr Whiskers. 

Your kitty may not mind a boarding environment, may simply tolerate it, or, at the worst, wind up stressed and miserable the entire time you’re gone. It’s hard to know exactly how your fur friend will react. Hence, booking a cat sitter is always a good idea so your kitty can stay in the comfort of their own home. 

This is where Cat in a Flat’s loving community of feline fans comes in. At Cat in a Flat, finding Boston and New York based cat sitters is a breeze. This way the process—from booking a cat sitter to going away on your trip—is stress-free for both you and your cat.  

What is cat sitting? 

A cat sitter is someone who will come into your home to look after your cat while you’re away. As mentioned above, your cat will be happier and more relaxed if they can stay in their familiar surroundings while you’re on vacation or away on business. Hence, we’ve simplified the process and made it easy to connect with reliable local cat sitters in Boston and New York! 

What do cat sitters do? 

Your Boston or New York cat sitter can offer a variety of services. The two main types of cat sitting services are: 

Daily cat sitting visits

In this scenario your cat sitter will drop in to visit your feline once or twice a day, depending on how many visits you book them for. Each visit will last around 20-40 minutes—the length can vary according to your cat’s unique needs and personality. Some kitties can be quite independent while others may require longer visits. 

During a daily visit your cat sitter will fill your cat’s food and water bowls, clean their litter boxes, play with them, and provide company and cuddles. They’ll also send you daily updates. 

Cat sitters are generally quite flexible, so discuss your pet’s needs with your cat sitter beforehand. Most cat sitters can easily accommodate the timing and length of their visits to suit your furry friend. 

Overnight stays / House-sitting

Many cat sitters in your Boston or New York area can also offer a more comprehensive overnight stay service. Your sitter will perform all the above tasks as well as spend the night in your home. In addition to typical cat-care, your sitter can also perform other chores such as water your plants, pick up your mail, and generally make your house look occupied. 

Overnight stays can be helpful if your cat is older, in need of more extensive care, anxious, or simply requires more attention. When you book a Boston or New York localized cat sitter, always discuss beforehand which tasks they will perform as well as any additional fees they charge for extra chores. 

How do I find a cat sitter near me?

If you live in Boston or New York, you’ll have access to a loving community of excellent cat sitters through Cat in a Flat. The Cat in a Flat booking system is incredibly easy to use, and all cat sitters must agree to a Code of Conduct before they can start accepting gigs. Cat in a Flat also provides insurance and a guarantee to cover any issues that may arise during a cat sitting gig. Our supportive service team is always on hand to help too! With these guidelines, we ensure that the Boston and New York cat sitting communities are safe, reliable, and professional. 

Our review/star system also makes it easy to find great cat sitters. Both cat sitters and clients can rate each other, and you can read a potential cat sitter’s reviews on their profile page. (add real quotes and reviews to this section). 

How much does cat sitting cost? 

The price for sitting services can vary from one cat sitter to the next. It can also change depending on the level of service you book and the amount of care your cat needs. For example, more experienced cat sitters who offer services such as administering medication or looking after an ill or anxious cat may charge more. 

A once-daily cat sitting visit generally costs somewhere between $14 – $16. Twice daily visits can cost around $16 – $25. If you request an overnight stay, this can range from $25 – $50. Cat sitters are always happy to personalize their services and are often able to perform additional tasks for an added fee. These can include chores such as watering your plants and collecting your mail. Always consider and vet your cat sitter options carefully. Sometimes going with the cheapest option isn’t always the best for you and your cat. 

Have more questions about hiring a cat sitter? You can find great advice on how to book a cat sitter in Boston or New York on our Cat in a Flat blog. If you’re interested in working for Cat in a Flat, here’s everything you need to know about becoming a cat sitter.

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