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Earn money cuddling cats! Cat sitting is the best job in the world.

Jan 27 2023.

Cuddling cats and earning money at the same time – that sounds too good to be true right? Being a cat sitter is definitely one of the best jobs in the world and Cat in a Flat makes it possible! The great perk about cat sitting is that you’re your own boss, you can decide when you work and how much you want to charge. Cat sitting can easily become a fun side job and provide you with a great source of extra income.

What is Cat Sitting?

Cat sitting is a service where someone will pay you to take care of their cat at their own home. You can choose to offer daily home visits once or twice a day, or stay overnight should it be more suitable.

As a cat sitter you will be professional, trustworthy, responsible and reliable. You will be required to give the kitty fresh food & water, clean the litter tray, provide lots of affection and a chance to play. You would also be asked to send reassuring daily updates and photographs to the cat owner. They enjoy seeing how much fun you’re having.

Cat sitting is a great alternative to a cattery, we all know Mr Whiskers would much prefer cuddles at home.

Is being a cat sitter worth it?

Cat sitting is incredibly rewarding. It is absolutely worth being a cat sitter, and not just for the extra money. It’s also a fantastic way to meet new cats and be part of a cat-loving community.

1. Earn money through cat sitting

Over a year of Covid has led to loss of income for many people. For those who are now coming out of lockdown, are a little short of cash and love cats, cat sitting is the perfect solution. With the flexibility to work around your daily schedule, cat sitting offers an excellent opportunity to earn extra income. So even if you do have a full-time job, you can still cuddle kitties and earn some extra money on the side. 

2. Cat sitting is the best holiday job in summer and at Christmas 

Being available during busy periods makes it more likely that you’ll earn money as a cat sitter. The summer holiday months, Christmas and public holidays are popular times for people to book a cat sitter. If you do a good job and your cat client and their owner like you, it’s common for them to book you again and again. Repeat bookings mean more opportunity to see your new cat best friends and earn money at the same time.

So instead of being stuck at home, why not cuddle cats for money? For cat lovers, it’s almost nicer than going on holiday!

3. Student job for cat lovers

As a student, you’re not only busy, but you often have very different daily routines. Depending on whether it’s the middle of the semester or the semester break, you may have more or less free time. Cat sitting is an incredibly flexible part-time job and is easy to fit into your daily schedule. You can find out more on becoming a cat sitter here.

4. Pet care is good for the soul

Not only for your pocket, but also for your well-being, cat sitting is a great option. It has been scientifically proven that being around cats is good for your mind and soul.

If COVID has left a hole not only in your wallet but also in your social life, a job as a cat minder can be a great way to reconnect. You’ll meet lots of lovely pet owners with the same love for cats in your area, and you’ll have the added benefit of looking after their favourite furry friends!

5. Be your own boss, set your own salary as a cat sitter

At Cat in a Flat you have the possibility to determine your own salary. You decide how much you want to charge per visit with the cat. You can vary and adjust your “salary expectations” at any time depending on your experience. To stay competitive, it is always worthwhile checking what the average prices are in your area.

In general, most cat sitters charge £8 to £15 for a once-daily home visit or £12 to £25 to drop in twice a day. Cat sitters usually charge £15 to £50 for overnight cat sitting stays.

6. Being a cat sitter is more than just a job

Looking after cats is more than just a job. It’s also a great way to get you out the house: forming a bond with a kitty client and getting to know their owners brings cat sitters vast amounts of satisfaction and joy. Cat in a Flat offers the opportunity to book a local cat sitter, so it connects people with cat lovers near them. The extra income is a great bonus, but most pet sitters do it for the love of cats.

7. Cat sitting is fun

There is no such thing as dull work and long screen time as a cat sitter. This job promises variety and lots of fun with kitty clients. As a balance to your day job or simply as a way to spend more time with cats, this part-time job is fantastic and heartwarming. Find out how to become a 5-star cat sitter here.

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Become a cat sitter

Does cuddling cats sound like the best job in the world to you? Then why not join us as a cat sitter. You can register for free and find everything you need in our forms and tips section.

So what are you waiting for? We welcome all cat lovers with the right cattitude!

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