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Christmas Gifts for Cats: Fun Toys My Cat Will Love!

Jan 31 2023.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about gifts. It’s not just your human friends who will appreciate receiving a thoughtful present, you shouldn’t forget to find a great Christmas gift for your cat too. Are you a cat sitter looking for some creative Christmas gifts for your cat clients? Or a proud fur parent seeking some kitty-approved toy ideas? Our wonderful cat sitting community has you covered! Read on for Cat in a Flat’s holiday gift guide and find that purrfect new toy for Mr Whiskers. 

No waste Christmas gifts for cats: cat toys I can make myself

Have you ever bought an expensive cat toy, only to have your kitty ignore it completely? For such fickle creatures, cats aren’t always very picky about what they like to play with. From milk bottle caps, to string, to hair ties, our fur friends often enjoy playing more with things that aren’t originally intended as cat toys. Here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts for cats that are both sustainable and won’t cost you a thing. 

Cardboard boxes

We’ve all seen the meme of ‘if it fits, it sits’ and it’s no secret that cats love boxes. Even Mr Whiskers’ distant cousins, the regal lion and tiger, enjoy sitting in or playing with boxes! Cardboard boxes are one of the best Christmas gifts for cats because they’re so easy to source (and kitties love them). Are you getting deliveries this holiday season? Hold on to a few of those cardboard boxes—your furbaby will thank you. 

Bubble wrap

Cats love rustling sounds because they mimic the feeling of hunting prey. This is why bubble wrap makes such an excellent Christmas gift for cats! Most of us get bubble wrap when we order certain items by mail. Instead of wasting it by throwing it away, how about giving the bubble wrap new life by saving it to gift to your cat instead? Simply save up a few pieces of bubble wrap and place them in a box. Your kitty will enjoy romping around in it. 


When popping the champagne this holiday season, instead of tossing the cork give it as a Christmas gift to your cat. Mr Whiskers will see it as a strange ball and enjoy batting it around. You can even toss it in the air or tie it to a string and drag it so your fur friend can chase it.

Cat sitters: these simple gifts for cats can make great toys for your kitty clients when you cat sit this holiday season. However, always be sure to check with you fur friend’s owners before bringing anything new into the home. While there are common things most cats hate or love, it’s always best to be sure you’re keeping your cat clients safe this Christmas

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Great Christmas gifts for cats

Has your furry friend been a extra good this year? Are your kitty client’s owners particularly meowtastic? Here are some creative Christmas gift ideas for the cats in your life.

Scratching pad/board

Not only will a scratching board keep your kitty busy and their claws healthy, but it’ll stop your cat from scratching the furniture too (and that’s a good thing for both of you). There are a lot of cool variations to choose from when it comes to scratching pads or boards, not to mention some great scratching trees too. You’ll have plenty of great choices to gift to your cat this Christmas!  

Feather fishing rod

Feather fishing rods make excellent Christmas gifts for particularly active cats. There are a wide variety available, from rods with simple feathers on them, to rods that imitate bird or mice noises when you shake them. These are great gifts for cat sitters to give to clients too! 

Cat sitters: You can’t go wrong giving feather fishing rods as Christmas gifts to your cat clients this holiday season. Their owners will thank you for keeping their furbabies happy and active while they are away.  

Laser pointer

A laser pointer is a fun toy for cats who are fast-paced and love to play hunt. Even better, a laser pointer allows you to spend time with your cat without having to be very active yourself. Simply sit back on the sofa, let your big holiday meal digest, and have fun with your kitty! 

Cat owners: A laser pointer could also be the perfect gift for your amazing cat sitter. It’s small and easy to carry, and a toy all their other kitty clients can enjoy too! 

Small gift ideas from cat sitters for cats

Cat sitters, there are some things which are always guaranteed to make you popular with all your kitty clients. These classic cat toys are easy to carry with you and make great Christmas gifts for the cats in your life. 

Catnip pillows

These are the purrfect stocking stuffer for your furry friends. Catnip has a strong effect on cats and catnip pillows will allow your fur friends to enjoy catnip without the worry of them eating too much. Catnip pillows are fun, inexpensive gifts you can bring along when cat sitting this holiday season! 

Cat grass seeds

A great Christmas gift idea for cats is to give their owners a baggie of seeds and a message to “Grow this for [Cat Name]”. Growing cat grass is wonderful for indoor kitties, and a fun project kids in the household can help with too! This gift will make you popular with the whole family, not just Mr Whiskers! 

Cat finger teaser

We’ve mentioned laser pointers and feather rods as excellent Christmas gifts for cats, but have you heard of the finger teaser? These fun cat toys are small enough to carry in your pocket, but are packed with loads of fun for your kitty clients. As a cat sitter, it never hurts to come prepared with a few toys of your own, and finger teasers are sure to make your fur friends happy this holiday season. 

What’s the best Christmas gift for cats?

You know what’s completely free and will make both you and Mr Whiskers feel happy all year round? Love! While toys are always great, love and affection are still the most important things to cats. Pamper your kitty (or your kitty clients) this Christmas with plenty of scratches, cuddles, and play time. Sometimes all a cat needs is a warm lap to sit on in order to feel completely happy. 

Cat sitters: Be sure to share the love this holiday season. The best gift for cat owners are cute videos or photos of their cats while they are away and missing them. 

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