Cat Care

  • Cats and Snacks: Can Your Cat Share Your Human Food?

    Have you ever wondered if can share snacks with your cat? Cat in a Flat explains which human foods are okay for cats, and which to avoid.

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  • Is My Cat Freezing? Tips for Keeping Your Cat Warm in the Winter

    It’s that time of year when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. The winter months probably bring to mind cozy sweaters, hot drinks by the fire, and Christmas fun with your cat. However, there is another aspect of the winter season all feline owners should be…

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  • How to keep your Cat safe during Fireworks

    Fireworks may be fun for us, but they are not for most cats. As you make plans to go out and enjoy the show, please ensure that your kitty is kept safely at home.  Firework season generally starts from mid June to early September and again for the New Year’s…

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  • Taking care of your cat at Christmas

    For may people cats complete Christmas. Time off and time at home means more quality time with our kitties. Few things beat curling up with a fluffy kitty in front of a favourite festive movie and cats look even more beautiful when lit by fairy lights. Christmas can, however, be…

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