Cat Behaviour

  • Shy Cat? Tips to Help Your Shy Kitty Relax in Social Situations

    Are you a paw parent to a shy cat? Cat in a Flat shows you how to help bring your shy kitty out of their shell.

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  • A guide to a cat’s facial expressions

    Cats are lovely animals that make great companions. Much like humans, they’re also capable of showing emotion through their faces. Whether you own a cat or are a cat sitter, it’s vital that you take some time to learn about a cat’s facial expressions and body language. It will give…

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  • If I fits, I sits: why do cats love boxes?

    Following the festive season, your house may still be full of boxes. Which means the real fun has started for your kitty. Cats love boxes and will seemingly stuff themselves into any container they can. But what is the attraction between cats and cardboard? Cat in a Flat finds out….

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  • Does my cat miss me when I’m not around?

    Every cat owner knows how special their bond is with their kitty. But cats are independent animals, and that can lead us to wonder whether our kitties notice and care if we’re not there. Below, Cat in a Flat finds out the signs of whether your cat has missed you…

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