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Cat in a Flat’s Cutest Cat Sitting Moments of 2022

Dec 17 2022.

2022 has been eventful for fur parents and their pets. Many people are traveling again, which means more pet owners have been making last minute travel plans and looking for cat care this year. This has given our wonderful community of cat sitters more opportunities than ever to create some amazing 2022 cute cat moments. Want to see 2022 out on a purrfect note? Check out Cat in a Flat’s cutest cat sitter moments of 2022! 

2022 cute cat moment: Take me on vacation too! 

Cats don’t like change, which is why it’s always particularly funny when your feline pretends they want to go on vacation with you! While your kitty climbing into your suitcase certainly does make for a cute cat moment, this doesn’t necessarily mean Mr Whiskers will enjoy taking a trip. Travel stress is very common for cats, which is why it’s best to skip boarding your cat and hire a sitter to look after your fur friend in the comfort of your home. 

Cute cat sitter love

Our beloved felines love climbing everything from trees, to scratching posts, to furniture, and yes, sometimes even your cat sitter! Pet sitters enjoy nothing more than when their furry clients show them a little love. Which is why this shot deserves a spot on our list of 2022 cute cat sitting moments! It’s important for Mr Whiskers to feel completely at ease with their cat sitter, so take your time finding a good match for your feline. When looking for a trustworthy cat sitter, always introduce them to your kitty before you book any pet sitting services. This way you can ensure that Mr Whiskers feels 100% comfortable around their new cat sitter while you’re gone! 

The might (tiny) house tiger

Lions and house cats share a fascinating feline history, so is it any wonder our furry friends think of themselves as ferocious tiny tigers? Duvel is certainly showing his wild side in this 2022 cute cat moment! When playing with Mr Whiskers, always be aware of which toys can be dangerous for cats. Christmastime in particular can lead to more hazards around the home. So, check out these tips for caring for your cat (or kitty client) this holiday season. And if you’re looking for some creative gifts, these Christmas gifts for cats are a great place to start. You’ll also find some amazing gift inspo for your lovely kitty clients (if you’re a cat sitter) or your amazing cat sitter (if you’re a fur parent)! 

Cute cat moment: Calico catitude

Every kitty has its own unique quirks and personality. Luckily, our amazing cat sitters offer personalized pet care. Whether it’s a Maine Coon cat who needs daily brushing, a Ragdoll cat on a strict feeding schedule, or a new kitten with an abundance of energy, your cat sitter can accommodate their visits to suit your feline’s particular needs. 

Cute cat snuggles

There’s nothing better on a cold night than snuggling up with a fur friend. If you’re worried about leaving your cat alone for too long over the holidays, many cat sitters offer overnight house sitting services too. Mr Whiskers will benefit from longer periods of companionship each day. Your sitter can also make your home look occupied and even care for your plants while you’re away. Without a doubt, overnight stays created plenty of cute cat sitting moments in 2022!

Looking for tips on how to be a better cat owner in 2023? Check out these fantastic resolutions for you and your cat and care tips for pawsome fur parents.

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