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Pet and Plant Care: Can My Cat Sitter Water My Plants When I’m Away?

Jan 30 2023.

There’s nothing more frustrating than returning from a trip to find out that all your plants have died. While proper pet care is always the number one priority, it’s also great to have the option of plant care when you’re away. In the summer months, it’s not just important to keep your cat well hydrated, but your plants might need a little extra TLC too. Going on holiday and worried about both your cat and your plants? Cat in a Flat is here to help you out!

Basic services cat sitters perform

Before we get around to talking about whether your cat sitter can water your plants, let’s look at the basic services cat sitters offer.

  • Food and water. Maybe you feed your cat on a schedule, and you want them to stick to it while you’re away. Or maybe Mr Whiskers would rather knock over his water bowl than drink from it whenever you’re not at home. A cat sitter can come in, change your kitty’s food and water, and ensure they stay well-fed and hydrated! 
  • Attention and affection. Although they are quite independent creatures, our furry friends can still get lonely. That’s right, your cat does miss you when you’re not around! A cat sitter can help by spending quality time with your kitty. This can be by playing with your cat, cuddling them, or just hanging out. 
  • Clean litter box. Cats don’t like change and it’s possible for your kitty to feel stressed when you’re gone. Having a clean litter box is one way to alleviate some of that stress. Depending on how many daily visits you book with your cat sitter, they can ensure that your furry friend’s litter box is cleaned once or twice a day. 
cat sitter water plants

Can my cat sitter water my plants too? 

A great cat sitter won’t just offer the best possible care for your fur friend, but usually can perform other services (such as watering your plants) too. Many cat sitters will list on their profiles if they’re able and willing to water your plants while you’re away. This can come with a small increase in your cat sitter’s fee. However, it’s worth it so you don’t come back to a plant graveyard in your home! 

When booking a cat sitter, look at their profile to see if they offer plant watering services too. It’s such a common request that cat sitters often combine cat sitting and plant care under one fee. If in doubt, reach out to the sitter directly. Most sitters are more than happy to accommodate to the unique needs of their wonderful clients.

What else can a cat sitter do for me?

Other than the obvious tasks of feeding your kitty, changing their water bowls, cleaning out their litter boxes, and spending quality time playing with and cuddling your feline, cat sitters can perform other simple chores too. 

  • Manage heating and cooling. You can’t control the weather, and you never know when a heat wave or a frigid cold spell might roll in. In bad weather, cats can be in danger of freezing or overheating. Your cat sitter can manage the temperature in your home daily, so your kitty stays safe and healthy! 
  • Keep away pests. Maybe in your rush to catch a flight you forgot to take out a full trash can. Or perhaps you left a carton of milk sitting out on the counter. It can happen to the best of us! Obviously, you should try to do this very rarely, but if you must you can ask your cat sitter to perform a few clean up tasks. This will ensure that you don’t come back to some unsavory pests (or smells) in your home. 
  • Make your home look occupied. Home security is a major stressor for many, and your sitter can certainly help! Watering your plants while you’re away isn’t the only task your cat sitter can perform. They can turn on and off lights, take in your mail, and generally make your home appear occupied while you’re on vacation. This can help to keep potential burglars away. A few strategically placed cat cams can add an extra level of security and ensure your furry friend’s safety too.  
  • Provide peace of mind. Even though our kitties don’t need as much care and attention as dogs do, we still can’t help but worry about them. A cat sitter will put your mind at ease by sending daily updates on your cat, your home, and yes, even your plants! 

Want to know more about how to care for your cat when you’re away? Learn about the differences between boarding your cat and hiring a sitter and tips for managing your cat’s separation anxiety

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