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Can Cats See Ghosts? The Truth Behind Your Kitty’s Strange Stares

May 10 2024.

For hundreds of years, we humans have marveled at how mysterious cats are.  Ancient Egyptians believed felines were divine. Japanese sailors considered calico cats to be lucky and thought they could ensure a ship’s safe passage. And in some cultures, even today, felines are considered symbols of good fortune. 

But does this mean Mr Whiskers has a connection to the spiritual realm? You’ve probably caught your fur friend staring into space or fixating on an empty corner, and wondered if perhaps cats can see ghosts. Below, Cat in a Flat uncovers the truth behind your kitty’s strange stares! 

Can cats see things humans can’t?

Can cats see things humans can’t? It’s probably not news to you that your tiny house tiger’s senses are much superior to yours. Not only do cats have an incredible sense of hearing (six to eight times better than humans), but they’ve evolved to see things that we can’t! While this doesn’t necessarily mean cats can see ghosts, they can see much better in dim light and at night. 

But, there’s one thing humans can see that our incredible felines can’t: certain colors. Our kitties are actually red and green colorblind. These appear to them as shades of grey. So, while cats might be able to see ghosts, there are still imitations to their amazing vision. 

Why does my cat stare into space?

So, why does your cat stare into space? Felines can communicate with us by using their tailsvocalizing a range of sounds, and with their body language. Even so, we often don’t know what is going through their cute little brains or why they behave in certain ways. Your cat could be staring at the wall the same way you might occasionally stare off into space. Or perhaps they’re hunting something your human eyes can’t see, and waiting for the perfect chance to pounce! Another possibility is that your fur friend is staring at the wall because their sharp feline ears are picking up a noise behind it that you can’t hear. 

The point is, while it can be spooky when your kitty stares into space, there’s usually a good explanation for it. Or…it could be your cat sees a ghost. Who knows? 

When should I worry about my cat staring into space? 

Usually, a feline staring off into space or at a blank wall isn’t cause for concern. However, there are times where it could indicate a medical issue. You should always take your kitty to the vet if you notice any changes in their behavior. The vet can put your mind at ease about your fur friend’s health and help you to manage any issues that come up. So, how do you know if your cat sees a ghost or if it’s something more serious? Here are the most common medical reasons why your cat might be staring into space. 

Feline cognitive decline

As your kitty ages, their mental abilities begin to decline. Signs of cognitive decline generally start happening after the age of 10 and can include symptoms such as: 

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome

This condition can lead to skin hypersensitivity, particularly on the back and tail. It can include other symptoms such as: 

  • Staring at walls for long periods of time
  • Over-grooming
  • Loud yowling or meowing
  • Biting or pulling at their skin

Head pressing

Head pressing is not a normal behavior for cats. If you notice Mr Whiskers pressing their head to a wall for periods of time, you should be concerned. This behavior can indicate a serious medical condition such as a brain tumor, infectious disease, or poisoning. Other symptoms that may arise with head pressing include: 

  • Disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Vision loss
  • Pacing
  • Excessive vocalization

Like mentioned above, take your kitty to the vet immediately if they are displaying any of these symptoms. With the right help, you can usually manage these medical conditions so that your fur friend continues to lead a happy, healthy life. 

So, can cats see ghosts? 

Science is divided on the existence of ghosts, and whether cats can see them. What we do know is that felines are capable of detecting even the slightest change in barometric pressure. While Mr Whiskers’ ability to predict storms and other natural occurrences might seem psychic, it’s actually their superb sensitivity to changes in weather! 

Cats are also very observant and will pick up on the smallest shift in their environment. It’s one of the reasons why felines don’t like moving home, or boarding at catteries, or changes in their daily routines. This is why it’s also a better idea to hire a cat sitter whenever you’re away so Mr Whiskers can receive care in their familiar environment. And one last fun cat fact: your fur friend can even pick up on your nonverbal moods and emotions! 

Our felines certainly behave in strange and funny ways at times—but that’s why we love them! Want to learn more about your fur friend? Find out what your cat does when home alone and how you can know if your kitty is happy

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