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8 Fantastic Resolutions for You and Your Cat

Jan 27 2023.

Whether it’s self-improvement or getting rid of a bad habit, the New Year is all about setting new goals. But what about resolutions for your cat? Setting New Year’s resolutions for you and your cat can be the purrfect way to bond with your fur friend. Below, Cat in a Flat offers 8 great resolutions you can do with your cat! 

1. Regular playtime with your cat

Getting fit is one of the most common types of New Year’s goals. Why not make daily exercise one of your cat’s resolutions too? Regular playtime is very important for cats. Not only does it keep them physically healthy, but it’s important for their mental health too. 

Our fur friends love routine, so try to make playing with your cat a part of your daily schedule. Try to maintain as much consistency as possible. If you usually play with your cat first thing in the morning, stick with that routine, even when you’re tired. Mr Whiskers will appreciate it! 

2. Should you clean the litter box every day? 

Keeping the litter box tidy is probably the least favorite part of essential cat care for every fur parent out there. However, it’s still important to clean out your feline’s litter box at least once a day. If you have multiple cats, also ensure there is at least one litter box for each kitty. 

Cleaning your kitty’s litter box daily is an easy resolution that will keep your cat happy. Looking to source the best litter for your fur friend too? Here are the best cat litters and how and why they work. 

3. Does your cat need a healthier diet?

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’. Have you ever wondered if this applies to your fur friend too? A healthy diet is an excellent resolution for your cat and something you both can benefit from. Cheap food and a low-quality diet can cause many health issues for Mr Whiskers. Bad teeth, kidney disease, and diabetes can all be brought on by an unhealthy diet. 

Cats can also get bored of their food, or be very finicky about what they will and won’t eat. It’s important to take your time finding a suitable balance between good quality dry kibbles and wet food. But if your goal is to eat less meat and you’d like to include your cat in this resolution, beware. A vegan diet is not suitable for cats and can often cause more health issues than it solves. 

4. Does your cat need to lose weight?

Dropping a few pounds is another common New Year’s goal for us humans. But does losing weight need to be a resolution for your cat too? While putting on a little weight is normal to help cats stay warm in the winter, gaining too much can be dangerous. 

How can you tell if your kitty is overweight? Check in with your vet, or simply feel your fur friend’s ribcage. If you can only feel their ribs when you press firmly, this could be a sign Mr Whiskers is obese or overweight. In order to help your cat keep their resolution to lose a little weight, try out these six steps for feeding your cat

cats playing on cat tree

5. Make your home more fun for your cat

Their surroundings can play a huge role in whether a cat is happy or unhappy. Sprucing up your home to make it more cat-friendly is an excellent resolution for you and your kitty. There are a multitude of ways to turn your home into a pawadise by adding scratching posts and entertaining toys.

When in doubt, think vertical. Our fur friends love to climb and opening their space upward can be a huge game changer. Wall-mounted scratching posts, cat shelves, or bridges can encourage exercise. These offer Mr Whiskers high places from which to survey his kingdom as well. There are also many varieties of amazing cat trees to keep your kitty happy! 

6. Can you train your cat? 

Contrary to popular belief, cats can be just as much fun to train as dogs. While Mr Whiskers will instinctively know how to do certain tasks Fido has to be taught, he may not be as eager to please his humans by learning new tricks. However, teaching him or her a few tricks can still be a fun resolution for your cat.

Training your kitty helps develop a stronger connection and sense of trust, so why not start with a few simple tricks? Train your cat to come when called by putting treats in a container and shaking it. Gradually phase out the treats until Mr Whiskers comes on his own when you call. Train your cat to get in their carrier by placing treats inside and even feeding them the occasional meal there. For felines, learning tricks is all about pawsitive association!

7. Get a full health check for your cat

You don’t need to wait until your cat is injured or sick to take them to the vet. Getting a general health check-up can be a proactive way to pre-empt certain illnesses and keep your fur friend healthy. While no kitty enjoys a visit to the vet, getting a full check-up should still be a resolution for your cat this year. 

A full health examination includes dental, eye, and ear check-up. Your veterinary can also check your kitty’s heart, lungs and fur and make sure Mr Whiskers is at a healthy weight. It’s normal to do a full health check-up every two years. And don’t forget to update your fur friend’s vaccinations as well as flea and tick medications too! 

8. Hire a reliable cat sitter for your cat

2022 is hopefully shaping up to be a year where we’ll all get to travel more, so hiring a reliable sitter should be top priority when it comes to cat resolutions! Most kitties hate traveling and prefer to stay in a familiar environment rather than board at a cattery. Our furry friends feel happier when they are allowed to stay home and have their care come to them. 

Make sure you start looking for a cat sitter early. This way, you’ll have many more choices and a higher chance of booking that sitter you really want! Once you find the purrfect cat sitter for your furry friend, you can always rebook them the next time. This makes things easier for you, Mr Whiskers, and the sitter. The cat sitter will already know their way around your home and the dos and don’ts of looking after your kitty. And your cat will enjoy building a friendly relationship with the same sitter. 

2022 resolutions for your cat

Hopefully these 8 resolutions for your cat will help you find creative ways to bond with your kitty this year. Want to add a few fun cat-related resolutions for yourself? Check out our blogs posts on the best cat books to read and enjoyable cat films to watch with your feline. 

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