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5 Reasons Why Cats Are Truly Epic!

Jan 28 2023.

Let’s face it, with cats you know where you stand, you know that you’re only real function in life is to fulfil your furry pal’s dreams and wishes. But why do we love our felines so much? There are obviously countless reasons, but here, at Cat in a Flat, we have pulled together 5 reasons why cats are so epic!

1. When you’ve gained a cat’s trust, you can pretty much conquer the world

But if you suspect something is up with your little fur baby, perhaps take a look here for some practical tips and what to be mindful about.

2. Cats can communicate in a number of ways 

How amazing is a cat purring? Probably one of the most relaxing sounds around… but did you know that the sound of a cat purring can actually mean a multitude of different things

Reasons why cats purr:

  • Indicating happiness: when a cat is evidently relaxed and purring, you can safely assume they are content.
  • Hunger: sometime when cats are hungry they mix purring with a cry – sometimes likened to a baby’s cry – this is because cats are in fact geniuses and have worked out that humans will respond to something if it sounds like a baby cry – clever little furballs.
  • Kitten & Mother bond: The ultimate bonding tool. It’s one of the first things kittens are able to do, and it lets their Mom know that they’re doing ok!
  • Relief: Quite unexpectedly cats actually purr when they are hurt, it acts as a soothing mechanism, rather like a child sucking their thumb.

3. Cats are epic because they make you feel great!

Other than being pretty epic, did you that cats can be great for the soul too?

  • Mental health: The Mental Health Foundation has reported that the companionship of a cat or dog offers can reduce anxiety and stress and can help us live mentally healthier lives.
  • Living a long & healthy life: The Nest has also reported that owning a beautiful feline could actually help you live a longer life. What better excuse do you need to own a cat than everlasting life?
  • Great companions for elderly people: Inevitably when we grow old, there aren’t as many people around us as there were in previous years. Cats and other pets can not only reduce depression in the older generation, but can reduce blood pressure.
  • Help Alzheimer’s sufferers: A cat or dog can be known to form a strong bond with a person suffering from Alzheimer’s – you may even know of a bond like this? If so, let us know!

4. Cats are hilarious

How many times has your cat made you cry laughing? I’d imagine quite a few times. Cats are renowned for their spontaneous, over the top yet agile reactions – but sometimes these don’t entirely go to plan.

Here are just a handful of classic examples of cats being entirely ridiculous:

– Being ninjas is just in the day job:

– When you’ve got something you need to say:

– Because they love yoga:

5. Cats are epic AND the cutest…

Yes, everyone loves a puppy, and maybe even a bunny, but it’s hard to top a cat, or indeed a kitten on cuteness levels. Here’s your daily dose to make your day just that little bit better… aww.

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