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5 New Year’s Goals to Set for You and Your Cat!

Jan 26 2023.

As you reflect and start planning for the new year, remember to include your furry friend. Setting New Year’s goals for you and your kitty will keep your cat’s behavior in check, establish routine, and prevent health related risks.   

Cat in a Flat suggests 5 goals you can set yourself now to have an awesome year with your kitty:

Update Pet ID and Tag Information

We all know how much can happen over the course of a year – phone numbers change, people move homes and locations, and often at times, pet owners forget to update their pet’s tags. It’s not something many owners think about until it’s too late, and their pet is lost.

This year, make it a goal to update your cat’s ID or tag. If in all that packing, you accidentally misplaced the microchip ID, give your old vet a call as they should have it on record. Alternatively, you can take them to your new vet to get scanned for the ID number. Once you have it, you can register your new address 🙂

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Get your cat into shape

Diet: Is your cat fat or just fluffy? Just like you might set new health goals for yourself, feeding your kitty a diet tailored to their specific breed, age, health and lifestyle is critical for lifelong health. And remember to always provide plenty of fresh water.

There are so many food options out there so sticking to the guidelines of its age and health should be the easiest way to make sure your kitty is getting everything it needs.

“ It’s very important to follow the guidelines on the pack, always weigh the food each day and give no more!”


Not sure if your kitty is overweight? The PDSA has some great guidelines

Exercise: When planning your brand-new exercise routine, why not give your cat a ‘get fit’ goal too? We know it’s not always easy, but it’s a great way to bound with your furry friend and keep his health in check.

Get into the mind of your cat, what games would your little hunter like to play?

  • Chase & Pounce: There’s nothing more fun than chasing a feather or even something as simple as a paper ball or toilet roll.
  • Climb & Hide: As we’re sure you’ve noticed, kitties love boxes, so keep a big box handy and put fun surprises in there for him to discover. You can see some fun examples on ‘How to keep your indoor kitty happy and healthy’ here.
  • Scratch: A scratching post is a ‘must’, especially for indoor cats. It keeps their claws sharp and tones their muscles.

Set a Date for your cat with your Vet

When’s the last time you took your cat to the vet? It’s a pretty popular myth that cats don’t require the same amount of veterinary care as dogs, but it’s important to remember that it is just that – a myth. Even the self-sufficient, independent creatures need a check-up at least once or twice every year, and even more if you have a senior cat. Make sure taking your cat to the vet is on your goal list this year!

Establish a Regular Routine for your Cat

Cats, unlike us, are creatures of habit. They thrive on familiarity and routine. They’re territorial animals, so this routine will be developed around your home and your personal schedule. This may sound boring to humans, but routine is so important to cats because it allows them to develop confidence and a sense of security in the space they’re in. It makes them feel safe, and changing or disrupting a cat’s routine can have a negative, even health-related impact.

Get your cat on a routine and establish feeding times, sleep and wake-up times, and play times. If you don’t know where to start, begin by paying attention to the routine that your cat has already established for himself, and try to keep it consistent.

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Hire a Cat Sitter

Have you ever left your kitty home alone or in a cattery for a few days, only to return to a grumpy kitty who gives you the cold shoulder for a couple of days?

To avoid the guilt, next time you have to go away, make sure you book a trusted cat sitter to pamper your kitty in your absence.

Cat sitters offer pop-in or overnight stays, allowing your fur babies to stay in the comforts of their own home while you’re away.


Find a trusted cat-loving sitter in your area.

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